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 In our community, we are fortunate to be surrounded by productive farms and ranches that make agriculture the State's largest industry.  Not only do agricultural lands contribute economically to the community, but these lands also protect watershed and habitats as well as providing the open space that defines our State's heritage and our quality of life. 

Agricultural-Natural Resources Trust was formed as the first Land Trust of Eastern Contra Costa County by the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors in 1997.  Conserving the agricultural heritage and natural resources of Contra Costa County, as well as neighboring areas, is critical to protecting our way of life.  We’re not a government agency but a private, nonprofit corporation that depends on the support of generous donors, landowners, and volunteers to do our work.

The Trust is dedicated to conserving working family ranches and farms, working landscapes, open spaces, natural habitats, and the communities they support. ANRT works in cooperation with private landowners, conservation agencies and other concerned entities to ensure the future of agriculture by understanding local needs to keep land in production.  We do this through arrangements called conservation easements. 

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