California is now the nation's most populous and fastest growing state. But the popularity comes at a price. In the last 25 years, California has paved over more than a million acres of land, much of it prime farmland. What's worse, the state's urban areas contain less than 10 people for every acre developed – the very definition of low-density urban sprawl. If current trends continue, another two million acres will be lost by 2050.

Mitigation Conservation Easements are easements that are required in order to help offset expected adverse impacts of development on loss of farmland, habitat or riparian areas. These are paid for by the developer or mitigating group.

ANRT's Conservation Efforts

Fuss Property/Kellogg Creek

14 acre voluntary easement bordering Kellog Creek

Chaparral Spring

150+ acre Williamson Exchange

Roddy Ranch

880 acre grant deed of development

Vaquero Farms

900+ acre mitigation property on Vasco Road, including wetlands and grazing