MAY 2016

ANRT Board approves Liz DiGiorgio as new Executive Director

Liz DiGiorgio comes to ANRT after working for the organization for several months as Associate Director.  With a background in small business, the Board was impressed with her technical experience, leadership skills, and collaborative approach to problem solving.  With a passion for using technology as a tool to advance ANRT’s local and regional presence she will be entrusted to help the Board set a vision and strategy that will take it to its next level of growth.

APRIL 2016

ANRT announces the retirement of its long time Executive Director

Joe Ciolek was initially contracted as Program Manager in 2004 to assist the Trust in developing its strategic plan and ended up serving as its ED in 2005. With his diverse skills as a senior manager, he provided policy guidance and strategic direction to ANRT.  Prior to joining ANRT Joe was the CEO and owner of a technology management consulting firm with focus on China and distance learning, as well as Vice President of Human Resources and Personnel for Bank One and Bank of Virginia.  “ANRT has been my baby for many years, but it’s time to turn the reins over to someone else.”

MARCH 2017

SUCCESS!  ANRT Acquires conservation easement on Upper Brown Ranch 107.

JUNE 2016

ANRT Prepares for the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Process

The Trust is taking the first steps toward a mark of distinction in the land conservation community by being accepted into the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Program.  The Staff and Board will be working diligently through the upcoming year to put together an application package that reflects compliance with the Standards & Practices of  the LTA in all of its conservation efforts.


Land trust accreditation is a mark of distinction, showing that a land trust meets high standards for land conservation. It sends a message to landowners and supporters: “Invest in us. We are a strong, effective organization you can trust to conserve your land trust forever.”   The accreditation seal offers the assurance that a land trust can keep the promise of perpetuity and that it is worthy of the public trust.