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Leslie Koenig (Chair), is a Senior Biologist for Swaim Biological Inc. serving as a USFWS & CDFW approved biologist for construction monitoring and post compliance reporting for independent restoration & client projects.  She was an Alameda County Resources Conservation District Biologist prior to Swaim overseeing and managing all aspects of multiple restoration projects.  Leslie has extensive experience with conservation and mitigation easements and is permitted to handle and survey for multiple listed species including the California red-legged frog and California tiger salamander.  She has a passion for keeping working landscapes economically viable to support agriculture and the many ecosystem services healthy rangelands and croplands can provide.  

Christian Wiedemann  is a fifth-generation rancher. In addition to his involvement in his family's cattle operation in Contra Costa County, Christian brings professional experience in land use and real estate development to the ANRT team. Christian has experience working with private mitigation and resource conservation groups, and has worked extensively in the energy sector. Previous roles have included participation as a founding member of a successful renewable energy platform, where responsibilities included building and managing a team of project developers, as well as securing site control and land use approvals for over 15,000 acres of project sites in California and New York

Clayton Wiedemann is a fifth-generation Rancher and Farmer. He is involved in the management of Wiedemann Ranch, Inc., a family-operated cattle ranch established 150 years ago in the southern part of Contra Costa County, and heads its grass-fed beef division.  In addition to his involvement with ANRT, Clayton is actively involved in both the California and Contra Costa/Alameda County Cattlemen’s Association.

Carissa Koopman-Rivers has a Master of Agriculture in Integrated Resource Management (Rangeland management) and Bachelor of Science in Animal Science: Beef Production Management and is a 5th generation rancher and an active partner in her multi-generational family operated commercial beef cattle business which has been recognized for their conservation efforts including the 2011 Leopold Conservation award. Along with her husband she manages Rivers Red Angus, which runs livestock on leased and owned land; she is the decision maker on all aspects of breeding selections, record keeping, replacement heifer selections, marketing and rangeland management decisions. Their focus is on improving genetics through sire selection, AI, and stringent culling. They market Registered Red Angus bulls and females to commercial cattlemen as well as running a small set of commercial cows.


Cari conducts an extension, education and applied research program focused primarily on the interactions of livestock production systems with the varying landscapes and ecological balances for improved productivity both in livestock and forage. The program addresses assessed needs of producers and land managers and is aimed at increasing production efficiency and promoting economically and ecologically viable operations.


Jeff Alvarez , Principal at Wildlife Project, is our Stewardship lead.  Jeff has over 18 years of extensive experience and research in designing, implementing and testing wildlife management techniques and habitat suitability.  He has several publications of research findings, as well as conference presentations and workshops to societies and organizations.  Jeff has been fully involved in all aspects of various research projects for reptiles, amphibians, bats, and rodents including proposal development, funding, implementation, management, publication, and presentation of research findings and results

Sarah Sigman, Outside Counsel . Partner at Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger LLP . She counsels and litigates on behalf of public entities, land trusts, community groups and environmental organizations concerning environmental and land use matters, including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), conservation easements, subdivision and general plan law, public agency administration, and real estate transactions.

Jed Freitas  is owner of Freitas Rangeland Improvements, a company specializing in design/installation of solar powered water pumping systems for livestock since 2004.  Jed is also certified as a Technical Service Provider for the USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), providing design & installation consulting services for livestock water distribution projects throughout California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada & Oregon.  In addition, Jed has been fundamental in starting a variety of companies involving water rights reporting compliance, strategic agricultural advising and a global clean & renewable energy utility company.  His education includes an earned B.S. Degree in Natural Resources Management from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California.”

David Roche, Senior Financial Advisor of Apex Securities & Asset Management. 

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